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ls ~/pain

$ ls ~/pain                        mozfonts
acroread-plugin                mysql-doc-disappeared
anacrontab                     networkmanager.txt
beep-skin                      pain.txt
chatzilla                      pcspkr
checkds_slow.diff              perl-readline-hist.txt
cups-client                    printing_double_acroread.txt
dmix                           rex-disk-failures
e16_desktop                    rxvt
e16_menu_icons                 screen_size_fonts
edgy_update                    smbmnt
flash_sound                    subversion-crypt
gaim2-notify                   sudoers
gaim_crtl_enter.txt            synaptics
gmail+mozilla+adblock          thunderbird_header_scroll.txt
gnome-screensaver              thunderbird_posn.txt
HDA                            too_hot
header_scroll-0.3.1-mz+tb.xpi  tsclient+nvidia.txt
hotkeys                        usb-disk-names.txt
inputrc                        vim+screen_shift_tab

I have a "pain" directory where the details of geeky travails are kept.

In order to work through my issues and share the pain with others,
I'll be posting some of the ordeals here.

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